Charles Marie de La Condamine

The Mentor ?

Special Thanks to Dementor at Terabyte
The challenges are not yet over with our move from one machine to the other, but the basics are running, and I did appreciate the instant feedback.

If you ever need a damn good provider, give TB a shot 🙂

Now stay tuned and hopefully by Saterday we have everything up and running again ….

xXx Rated Bootz

Moving Targets

Wasn’t really sure what image would do the trick, but this dreamy horse will hopefully bring some guidance in all the webconfusing that we are going through …

We are now trying to move good old to its new location where it can run the second beta version of our sweetcron installation on the latest and greatest PHP and MySQL.

Chocolate is still running happily, and we will keep this thread here updated of all DNS and other propagations

It’s great to have a holiday break 🙂

Web 3.0 is death

“The following discussion is an archived debate of the second deletion of the Web 3.0.
Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article’s talk page or in a deletion review). No further edits should be made to this page.”

I guess we will have to stick with 2.0 for a while longer … twice in a row must have a meaning afterall.

Sweet Chocolate

Okie, I finally managed to get the very first beta release of our Sweetcron out …

The theme is based on the original one of Yongfook, but adopted to a more chocolate taste …

I am pretty sure this one will soon find its way to the dungeons and be replaced with something more white’sh … but at least it was great fun to play with some colors again.

Based on the original chocolate creams palette I think it is ready to be used a little 🙂

Here you go:

Snowracers II

Snowracers I

Mmmmm …

I bumped into these “streetcleaners” a few times, and if it is indeed The Big M making sure that their papers and cups aere not littering the streets of London, I must say I am impressed …

I was gonna post a picture of the “You sure you don’t want to quit Smoking Guys” who walks around London and harras all the innocent smokers outside a Pub, but never came around one on Saterday … must be an evening event.

The Beach …

I was rather surprised to find this little beach in the middle of London.