Birk …

Kalle …

Welcome to the Family Cloud

Only 2 weeks after we released the Family White Room, we moved ahead to a brandnew beta theme, got inspired and updated the working title to the Family Cloud 2.0

Still a big work in progress, but we are getting there, slowly crawling along in cyberspace.

Enjoy !

Ouch !

Got sidetracked in doing a quick upgrade to Google Picasa 3.5 when visiting the webpages and got a fancy block shouting to upgrade to the latest and greatest with geo and people tagging.

Eager as I am to test new things, clicked install, and 3 minutes later Picasa is refinding all my images from scratch (why o why ?) but that’s not all, it now respects the original camera order and happily ignores the EXIF directives … ?!?

May not have been the smartest idea afterall.

Hope there is something in the advanced settings that will fix this quickly (allthough I have been searching for a while now).

For once I will leave the icon, published with: Posted by Picasa

Hej Stranger

Mushroom Season

Eye …

Never really noticed an horse eye, but it’s pupil is horizontal … could call it a cats eye gone haywire, I guess.



Wonderfull Colors II

OK, little after effects on this one as I had a dirty lens and an oversized ISO. Still luv the colors though.