Spring is in the air …

Spring is in the air, the snow has gone, the archipelago is winking to be explored again.

I cannot wait to get the boat up and running again (after the ice experiment this winter) and have been looking to use foursquare or gowalla to create some exploration lists in the archipelago and do some geo-caching on distant islands.

Not sure if there is already a “game” running in the archipelago ?

Anyway, we maybe able to connect during this summer outthere on the water, by boat or by bike, and change our φ.λ into venues or spots.

Martelarenlaan 121

A historical moment … (sold)

Countdown …

We have a date: May 10th at 14.00 …

Interested ?!?

A Room with a View

Well, one should define “a view” if you are living in the Stockholm Archipelago, but this is the view I grew up with when I was a Kid and I looked outside of my window on the second floor. The garden and the full blown “duivenkot”.

For Sale …

Time has finally come to sell this beauty in Kessel-Lo and the countdown has started.

A very nice “herenhuis” with high sealings and quite a few original details that make this one a wonderfull object to play with.
I took some more pictures when I was recently in Belgium, and will put them online in a little For Sale topic.

Stay tuned.