Taxi ?!?

First Day …

Today was the first official day of the holidays, and we had booked an appointement with the … electrician.
The Library is now officially rewired 🙂

The New Me …

I have been playing with the idea of shooting a new avatar in the wite room, and yesterday I got from Birk a present.
I got myself in LEGO.
And I must say, it is really me, computer bag, travel case, unshaven, glasses and no real hair (bald daddy), so … here is the new “me“.

Thank You, Birk.

The Eye



We have a new family member since a few weeks, and (s)he is still a little bit camera shy …
She is called Zlatan, and reports to Kalle.
Welcome aboard, Zlatan.

A wonderfull day …

For those of you who wonder what to do today, I can really recommend to take a tour through the Stockholm Archipelago.
Fresh white snow everywhere and a crisp blue sky is making this a wonderfull picture day in the Archipelago.
Enjoy !

10 years of …

Today we had to do a “quickie” for the birthday invites of the Laserdome Party coming up this weekend.
The printer in his wisdom decided to play havoc with the standard pdf invite and screw up the colors of this ready made pdf.
Well, what better an oportunity as getting a real lego guy in the light tent and make a few quick shots.
60 minutes later and printed on a 10*15 postcard … and one very happy Kalle 🙂
Always great when prefab fails and creativity needs to kick in.

Slippery …

Today was one of those days when the #picz bug bite, and it really felt like taking the#nikon out for a spin.
I was planning to get some #ducks in action, and practice my #motion skills in preparation for the new #football season, but no luck.
The #ducks were lame, and if they even considered moving, it was slow, and carefull, as not to slip on the #ice …
Slippery indeed.

The Season Started …

Today it really felt the season is trying to get started.
A *huge* black trimaran was docked in Vaxholm, and when looking at her sheer power and beauty, it felt like getting the boat in the water and explore the deep blues …