Party Tip

We had a smaller garden party yesterday evening (a pretty nice success), and in order to keep the dishes to a minimum, and order in the glasses to a maximum, we tagged every glass with a lego man.Very easy to achieve with black straps, and great fun in preparing (getting the right (wo)men collected by the kidz, and even when the guests arrived. We will repeat this one for sure … !

And not to mention, I was the Monkey …


When I found these pair of Tommy Hilfiger slippers in the house like this, I just had to take a pic of it. Nothing put in scene, just real summerfeelings …

Summer Cottage

We posted some “summerfixes” in our XHM blog, but this lovely summer cottage for sure could use a summerfix.At the other end, it would make a perfect location for a photo shoot 🙂

Stufvaren I