I am having a little backlog here.
I was supposed to share some of our adventures in Paris, keep you posted on some of the other words we are exploring at StuckInPlastic and share we are heading to Hamburg in a good two weeks time for the second SiP exhibition of the year as part of the Floating Bricks event. Unfortunate I have been suffering like some of you this epic Batman Flu and I am now officially heading into week five where I am still not 100% completely “frisk”.(*)
No worries, our local family doctor told us it can take up to seven weeks to be completely frisk again. Only two more weeks to go with ups and downs and a pretty annoying cough. Should be completly recovered for our next toy photography safari in Paris later this spring. Or is it summer.


This year’s flu season was a tough one.
Impacting the worldwide community of flu sensitive sapiens at large.
Not a real pandemic, as a pandemic only applies to new virus strains but for sure a bad flu year that got me coughing like an old smoker (and hey, I am close to 10 years of no smoking now – another post in the making) and made me humble in understanding how fasts pandemics can hit us.
Luckily it is just the flu.
Albeit a bad flu.
With a cool name. H3N2.
Not to be mistaken with his bad ass sibling H2N3.
Has anyone seen C3PO or R3D2?

Our H2N3 patient sharing our intergalactic world of opportunity, or should I say community.

So, I am having a little backlog here.

Wildstyle Build

Last week I embarked on a new experiment with free building amongst a lot of kids which I tagged on IG with bravery.

Issar from Awesome Projects called me and asked if was interested in a little LEGO project.
How can one say no to such a question?
After a few calls back and forth we landed he was looking for a live build.
Those that know me (that is all of you), will shiver and timber on having me out and about amidst a large group of kids without being fully in control.
I am after all a more solitary toy photographer and not a team builder that builds LEGO with and or amidst a large group of kids.

LEGO Heron City

Creative challenge accepted, and I went ahead with my Master Builder (Birk) to build a World of Imagination.
Not just any world.
A LEGO Heron City World of Imagination.

A LEGO Heron City World of Opportunity

A pretty large freestyle build or should we call this one Wildstyle build that took us the better of two days.
A build that also needed to be a sweet lasting memory of the community event that HERON City organized for all their kids.
A build to last.


The reason why I wanted to share this story here today with you (and me, as I see this as my personal star trek captains log agenda) was not so much about how cool it was to build for Big Inc. HERON City (super cool btw – thank you), but for the community of kids that during these two days were part of my building experience.

The Feedback

The girl that kept on bringing me pieces from the LEGO play pits I needed to include.
The boy that absolutely wanted to put Captain Hook in the lava. No matter what, he was ready for it.
The sister that kept on telling her little brother to not touch the build, but secretly touched it herself.
The girl that asked me why I was mixing Batman with Minecraft and The Simpsons. Because we can!
The hundreds of parents that asked me what I was doing (building LEGO) …
The kids that were shy, but smiled big time when I asked if they build themselves.
The look on the face of that one guy when I said it was the first time I build in LEGO.
And the happiness in the eyes of that little girl when I “fixed” her car. A big pink piece to keep it all together made her smile.

We are building LEGO.

I have to admit my anxiety levels were tested when I had adults trying to shake the build in the last few hours when we reached readiness, to see how strong it was, but overall these two days were just plain awesome.

A community that organized a community event for the next generation to come and play and I could be part of it and build something special to give back to that community. Thank You.

Communities rock.


The Post Scriptums

PS. Next time, Issar, we need to execute the collaborative plan we discussed. That is going to be even more awesome community experience. A true community build.

PPS. For me, Sapiens is a small intergalactic community we should take care off. No point having the bullies on the playground fighting with each other. If Trump, Putin or Xi are not behaving as community role models, they should be put in the corner of the class. We have more important intergalactic fish to fry.

PPS.  Frisk is one of the Swedish words for being healthy.