King Kalle

King Kalle is back. Not the Kalle you all know. But one of my plastic friends I have been traveling with. King Kalle and his little red bike. I first bumped into King Kalle when visiting Drottingholm just outside Stockholm somewhere in two thousand fifteen. He was bicycling around in the garden, we connected and he decided to tag along. 

Fast forward to the spring of twenty sixteen and King Kalle ran off. I looked for him, but the only thing I could find was a letter that he was off to discover the world. King Kalle and his little red bicycle. And while I missed his companion during some of my travels, I fully understand that even Kings need to broaden their horizon, discover new worlds, and learn from travelling. 

Last Month

And then last month we traveled to Skærbæk for a pop up exhibition with the rest of the crew of Stuck In Plastic, and guess what. King Kalle bumped into W. and the rest is history. Or at least we are traveling again together. Reunited. Until such time little King Kalle and his red bicycle are off again.

We had some great fun shooting plastic selfies in Skærbæk with our bowl of awesomeness and I could not resist putting King Kalle through the same today for me getting back on track with SiP goes52. You may remember what it was all about. One word a week. One reflection. And one image. I kind of succeeded to somewhere around the word Respect.
Which was April. 
And we are now October.
Week 42 and a new word.
I for sure have not been leading by example. 

Week 42. Leadership

A little known fact is that when we started with the idea for SiPgoes52 I got inspired by a leadership training I took part in the year before. We got offered a deck of cards (which is made up of 52 cards, equally as much as weeks in a year) with human values written up. And we had to select our top five.
Not an easy task.


Down-selecting them to twelve is easy.
But getting to the core.
To what really matters for you as a human being was (and is) not an easy task. I remember Humanity jumped out for me.
And still today.
But back to leadership.

King Kalle

I selected King Kalle as my image for Leadership, as he combines a lot of different viewpoints and opinions. At one hand he carries with him the legacy of what is called the Divine rights of Kings. The blue blood thinking that one has the birthright to lead and truly not my cup of tea (although I have grown to appreciate the role the royal families in Europe play today, that is a completely different post).  Other leadership models are based on individual talent and skillsets and put the individual first (regardless if she is a natural born leader or one that has been nurtured into her role). However, the individual leadership styles continue to greatly differ.
From authoritarian (we have quite a few of those types today, even in the next category) over democratic to laissez-faire.

King Kalle. A leader with a little red bicycle. 

King Kalle on his little red bike has a little bit of everything. The red bike has for sure a reference to being one with the people. Exploring green ideas to preserve the planet.
Yet he continues to wear his crown and his red winter cape with Ermine
And he loves to travel and explore. 
Listen and learn.
And be a runaway.

A new project. 

And that is not all. 
King Kalle just accepted a new mission.
A secret project I will tell you more about in the not so distant future. 
But for now, back to packing and the little Riddikulus challenge we are running on SiP.