King of Pop

Today’s post is a quick reflection on past, present, and future. 
This weeks word on #SiPgoes52 is Inspiration.
And it is the 47th word of the series.
Only 5 more weeks and this challenge of 2018 is coming to an end.
Actually, 2018 is coming to an end in only 5 weeks.
Time flies they say. 

And Maëlick just shared with us on SiP that he completed his 52 images. Awesome. 

So how am I doing. 
Not that awesome. 
I am more like Julien, who got caught up with life.
I too have a seriously backlog.
And I kicked them today in a little list.
Thirty words completed (with some backtagging today).
Twenty two to go.
Seventeen in the backlog.
Five to look forward. 
I mission I will complete, and report back here in the last week of 2018. 

So back to the King of Pop.
I bumped into the King of Pop when we had our art exhibition in Birmingham last year. 
He has been traveling along for a long time. 
I have to admit I was not inspired by Michael Jackson. 
Yes, it is Michael Jackson and not Elvis.
I mean the real one. The singer.
Not the one from
It is a bootleg.
Not an original LEGO one.
But then again, I never have been a big music fan. 
I am sure the King of Pop has inspired whole generations.
Bootleg or not.

This is my tribute. 

King Of Pop
The King of Pop has been added to the portfolio

Twenty-two to go.

Why now?
Well, it was one of those creative brain twists, triggered by that other King that has shown up on my foot.
King Kalle. From one King to another.

Queen Viktualia

Lots of things happening. 

We got SiP goes Korea up and running this week (big thank you, Suné), we have a year-end coming down at us with light speed, and Queen Viktualia has to run a little Queendom. 

Not to mention her little young one, Princess Delicatessa.

Trouble ahead. Princess Delicatessa throwing snowballs.

Ohh. And did I mention I reviewed Once Upon A Brick on SiP?

I am a Unicorn

This week’s word on SiP goes 52 is Trust.
And I am seriously late.
Quite a few words to finish.
And a few other projects to get on the tracks like SiP goes Korea (yeah, how cool is it to have your own work exhibited on the other side of the globe).

Awesome, no?

As seen on IG

Now there is more to this sweet Unicorn.
Who does not want to be a mythical character and who does not want to be a 1B valued startup company.
Another definition of Unicorn

That said

My creative challenge this week was not so much how to trust a Unicorn. That tagline stuck with me.
Trust me. I am a Unicorn.,
Soon it turned into how I could shoot not one but at least three (and maybe four) Unicorns, ready to post.
A creative challenge in its own.
The rest of the week will see if I managed.
Or not.

Last but not least

I am taking a Big Bad Unicorn look at all my social accounts and you may want to subscribe to my new FB page (ot not). Anyway, here it is.