Unfinished Projects

I have a thing with unfinished projects.
It is not that I cannot work to a deadline.
I guess I should say, I have something with unfinished creative projects.
They start and for some reason. And then they don’t come to a closure.
They linger.
They ripe.
And grow.
Sometimes they become better.
Well. Sometimes.
Not always.
Some get past their due date.

But for now, it is time to finish some of these smaller projects over the next two weeks.

Here is my little to-do list.
I will check in on the other side of twenty-one to see how it all went.
In almost random order.

  • Upgrade SiP
  • Write a blogpost on my unfinished summer project
  • Wite another blogpost on my wooden experiment (finished but never written)
  • Fly the drone and get some nature footage
  • Dive with Nautilus
  • Log our stats for twenty this week
  • Shoot my plastic project I started with Birk
  • Order some prints
  • And shoot another (planned) project over Xmas
  • Write another blog post here
  • And get our new project for twenty twenty-one written up at SiP

Feels almost like work 🙂
Luckily I cleaned up both my office and the studio so no roadblock there.

//end note to self.

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