Close Up and Personal

This week SiP #sipgoestgif challenge was all about close up photography.
I knew I wanted to do something with vintage LEGO from early on.
And then the world changed overnight from heated discussions and feather ruffling to cold blooded war in the centre of Europe.

And so, do you then continue to take pictures of toys.
Ignoring the reality around you, or does it influence your work. 

A good question, and one that is personal.
Personal for each and everyone of us.
Some may just want to seek solace in their toy photography, while others may want to take a break.
And then there are those whose photography and creativity wants to address what is happening around them. 

It is after all up close and personal

My thoughts are with all of those who got drawn into this madness.
And so I did include today’s reality in my close up and personal photography when selecting the vintage colours I wanted to get in front of the lens while listening the whole time to the news on BBC and CNN.

Close Up and Personal

It is hard to just say stay safe, when you know that colleagues and friends you are working with on a daily basis are in Kharkiv. And the whole country of Ukraine has been put in harm’s way overnight.

This is not the way …

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  1. We pray for friends and colleagues living and working in Kiev and all around Ukraine. They should’ve been on Winter holidays now, drinking beer and spending time w their families. This is definitely NOT the way, Boris you said that so well!

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