This is your traditional about page that will tell you a little bit more about the man behind the camera and the short posts and musings you will find here. That Belgian that moved up North and found himself fallen permantly in love with the Stockholm Archipelago (some wonder if his lovely wife and kids may have something to do with that) and its surrounding areas going all the way up to Cape North and the Atlantic.

Hi there! My name is Boris, your average big Inc. dude wearing suits during day working for a great company and an avid photographer of all things else during night.  I live in Waxholm, Sweden. I am the proud father of two and the other half of my beloved wife. This is my photo log and gives you a glimpse in our world.

A photographer at heart who is seriously interested in all things social and travels with his gear wherever big Inc. sends him, his boat is floating or the family goes.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know when your next picture is showing up …

Travelling with his camera is like a second nature, and while it feels the camera is like a close companion on his travels around the world, he is not travelling alone and has been accompanied with another set of friends. His plastic friends.

The creative brain behind Me2 and founding father of Stuck In Plastic.

Expect the odd LEGO piece to show up.

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