G as in Gorgeous

The G-Phone or Google Phone

Surely worth the wait when looking at a new phone since we are so Google focused …
Not the most beautiful and sexy design, but maybe full of do no evil gadgets …

G-Phone Revealed: HTC/T-Mobile Android Phone Pics Gadget Lab from Wired.com

And even my old man made it to the blogosphere ….

Want can one say more than …. Ough 🙂

Maybe time I give him a nice subdomain on vanrillaer [dot] net

Now if he would only remember that you need to blog every day to stay young 🙂

Joz in action

Dani in Action …

FarMor aka Dani in action …

I will leave the picz to Dani, just great fun to see the “old” folks made it to the wonderfull world of generation Y 🙂

Portugal Ons Atelier

Google Chrome

A very nice comic to start the day now that Google launched its own no nonsense browser …

Google Chrome

Lunch …

Lopis !?!

As you could read on XHM we are having a field day with a garage sale under the house.
And guess where the previous owner bought his Gasoline Dunk …

Blogger and …

Well, I can’t add it yet, but it looks promising ….

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

Pictowhat ?!?

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Wooppzzz …

Archipelago: About Me ?!?

Archipelago: About Me ?!?

I guess I will do some cross posting of picz 🙂