A wonderful Xmas …

May I wish you all a great and fantastic Xmas.

It has been a most buzy 6 months at work, and today was kind of the first day off in a long raid of working days, nights and weekends.

When waking up this morning, and looking at my computer, I decided to upgrade the Family Cloud and activate comments again (a simple thing that was on my todo list for the last 6 months). After succesfully upgraded our webspot (now ready for the drupal 7 release early next year), we activated the Mollom feature and opened comments for the masses (aka our friends, aka you).

Be the first to try it out …

Now that said, I was looking at finding an appropriate pic for the Xmas greetings, and came to the conclusion I have not shot anything since our Portugal trip … scary … ouch, need to get my camera out … soon.

Well, this little snow warning sign we found on our trip in Portugal when it was 40° Celsius on a mountain ridge in Portugal.

It may bring a smile to some of you who are shuffeling snow across the globe.

Happy, Merry and Joyfull Xmas.

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