I have been to Italy before. Yet the cities I have been visiting this summer so far have been new and different for me (special thanks to W). Today’s city of choice is the birthplace of one of the most iconic navigators who by accident found the new world on the other side of the planet. Talking about pure luck.

I don’t want to go here into today’s politics and the most worrisome climate we are living in. Maybe that is something for a later blog post (I must admit it is scary to find military in the day to day cityscape around Europe where I grew up). So back to Christoffer Columbus and his birthplace, Genoa. If our young Italian explorer would not have reached the shores of the New World in 1492, the world as we know it today may have been completely different and this other company founded 400 years later, located in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio would not have been the favorite casual wear of my model of today (again). No hidden sponsorship, just the travel kit of K.

Thank you, Christoffer, for taking the time to sail the wrong way, and put things in motion.

I chickened out and used B&W as my easy way out …

On a completly different note, the images shot here are both the “long exposure” kind without any serious editing (no HDR bracketing as I only can use the .jpeg of the series in my new self enforced back to basics workflow) and guess what, Stefan is exploring this one as well as part of his craftsmanship journey over at stuckinplastic

I am sure we will exchange some notes on the topic.

Here is the color attempt of a single jpg. I will see if I can get better results out of the full blown bracketed RAW series

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