The Three Witches …

The Green Dot …

OK, I admit I was gonna call this one “Another Redhead” but changed it last minute to “The Green Dot …” as the actual focus was on the scene in the back where the after ski rock band was playing.

The sun however decided to shine in, and refocus on this redhead instead ;-p

Couldn’t resist.


My First HDR …

I have been planning a long time to look into HDR shooting, and only last week I got inspired by a very nice shot of a swane by @imrogb and he pointed me in the good direction of this very nifty tutorial.

So, here I was in Sälen, practizing my HDR shooting skills on the snowy hills of the Swedish Fjällen.

Offcourse these pictures are a little over the top, and the beauty is going to be to tone down the HDR effect, so one does not recognize it as HDR as such, and it just enriches the picture, but for now, like a kid in the candy store, playing with his first Sony, all registers are open …

The full experiment at Flick’r is here (including the Spa Lady with the hairy back)

Golf Course ?

The Shining

Lille Skutt

Fjäll Spa

The Boss