We got ourselves into a little historical trip down the Swedish history lane with some photography, spa and fine dining. You know the kind of weekend excursions one tend to take to disconnect from the stressful day to day life.
Getting some time off.
Enjoy some headspace.
You know what I am talking about.
Even if it is the middle of the week, and they call it mid-week mys

Meet Vadstena.

Vadstena in the mist.

Vadstena, a stone cast away from Stockholm (some 25 Swedish miles). The city of Vadstena is known for Birgitta Birgersdotter, who in 1350 founded the hotel monastery of Vadstena and is today one of the six patron saints of Europe.
Not an easy task.
Being the patron saint of Europe.

Today the convent of Birgitta is turned into a hotel and part of the historic hotels of Europe. A chain we bumped into earlier this year in Gotland, when we stayed in Hotel Slottsbacken. Hmm. I just noted I did not share that story yet.

W. Spa.

In order to support W. new and upcoming travel blog in the making about the exclusive spas around the world, we did had to visit the annex spa of the convent hotel. A most wonderful experience and warmly recommended by yours truly if you happen to be in Vadstena and like some headspace and a little swim. I would not call a 65 degrees sauna, a Finnish Sauna (that is what the door stated), but those are details. The steam sauna was my absolute favorite, not to mention the cold bucket shower (8 degrees).
An idea I will happily steal for the summer.
In the winter we have the Baltic here to dip in.

Some long exposure IPA

A random (gorgeous) house in Vadstena.

After our relaxing spa experience, we took a stroll through the small city of Vadstena (5K inhabitants) and enjoyed some long exposure shooting and a ship full of IPA in the Kitchen just around the Corner, before we went back for a two dinner meal in the convent own restaurant.
All inclusive in our package.
A happy relaxing ending to a wonderful day in Vadstena.

Meet Mac

Our dinner invitation stated to present ourselves at 20.15 and at 20:16 we were well seated and got introduced to the assorting wine package by a wonderful young blond swede we soon started to call Mac.

20:18 – The wine was served.
20:21 – We got our delicious hummer soup. Six minutes after we seated.
I wondered if they would consider a refill of our (tiny) soup plate, but at 20:27 we got confirmation that there was no refill and the plates were cleaned. No more lobster for the wicked.
20:29 – Mac presented the red wine. Both me and W. looked at eachother, as we still had half a glass of the (again) delicious lone wolf white wine.
20:32:31 – I asked Mac if we were in the local Mac Donalds and she looked at us and said, ahh, you want to talk to each other for a while. OK. I will come back.
20:43 – Both our white wine glasses are finished and we wonder if Mac will be a sport, and yes, she is …
20:44 – Mac returns and asks if we are good to continue.
20:44:30 – Red wine served.
20:45 – The main course is served, and the food is delicious.

I lost track of time, but somewhere around 20:63 we asked Mac for an extra refill of our red wine.
The look on her face was gorgeous.
Yet she acted professionally and she recovered swift.
After all, 30 EUR for two glasses of wine felt like a stretch.
Especially when all the other tables were getting a refill.
With the same wine.

21:12 – The deer has been eaten, and yes, it was delicious.
Slow cooked and stirred to perfection.
Thank you.

21:14 – Mac arrives and asks if all was good.
21:14:30 – Mac asks if we want to pay. Uhh. Wait. Really?

21:15 – What about some dessert, we ask? Mac tells us that we took a no dessert menu, and they are all accounted for, so not possible.
We ask her if she is really sure, and she says yes.
But she will check with the chef.

21:17 – Mac returns and dessert is available.

21:19 – Dessert is served and indeed very nice.
We eat slow and enjoy.
Very slow.
Will Mac see the opportunity for coffee and avec?
The tables around us start to get them served.
There is an upsell opportunity here …

21:27 – Dessert finished. Mac arrives and asks if she can now give us the check. The bill. The Konto.

I give up.
We could have had tea.
Or coffee.
Or a nice cognac or a 10 years old single malt Glenmorangie.
Nope. I paid.

No tip, Mac.
Maybe next time.
When you create the headspace for your guests.
And take it slow.
It is not because it is called the “fast meny” you need to rush your guests.

Don’t worry, Mac. We will be back 🙂
Really, we will … the little city is worth a visit