Welcome to the White Room

I am proud to announce that we have kind of succesfully migrated our good old geeklog driven website to our brandnew baby running on drupal with some cool and new features, under the working title of the white room. We moved most of the old content (still having a small challenge with the old swedish characterset of öäå, so unicode conversions can be challenging outside SAP) but we let the old comments and non family users behind
(just quickly reregister it’s tested and working).

We hooked up XHM, Boris and Archipelago to get imported in the new website automatically, resulting in a pretty impressive tag cloud while I can keep on using blogger and picasa to post the easy way. Next on the list will be our small collection of Movies and the little bit larger collection of Picz we have on Picasa, all automatically imported and added to the cloud.

For those of you who saw me all going excited on sweetcron a while back, well, drupal can do it, and the module is called activitystreaming. And yes, we added that as well to the package.
For now it is only me, myself and I on twitter and the likes, but will try to get my other half introduced as well to these ( I am sure both Birk and Kalle would luv to join these streams as well, not sure they will want daddy to follow them).

Anyway, a long post to proudly introduce our new White Room.

The working title White Room has no reference to the music of Cream but more a working title playing with the ideas of a dark room in photography, a green room in television, the famous blue room or hall in Stockholm, Wivis special interest in all things White, and me selecting again a dark theme for the site (special thanks to the guys at acquia. and TopNotchThemes for the nice and very professional theme).

PS. If with all the links you would have lost track of time, here is the link once more: http://www.vanrillaer.com/

The Mentor ?

Special Thanks to Dementor at Terabyte
The challenges are not yet over with our move from one machine to the other, but the basics are running, and I did appreciate the instant feedback.

If you ever need a damn good provider, give TB a shot 🙂

Now stay tuned and hopefully by Saterday we have everything up and running again ….

Moving Targets

Wasn’t really sure what image would do the trick, but this dreamy horse will hopefully bring some guidance in all the webconfusing that we are going through …

We are now trying to move good old vanrillaer.com to its new location where it can run the second beta version of our sweetcron installation on the latest and greatest PHP and MySQL.

Chocolate is still running happily, and we will keep this thread here updated of all DNS and other propagations

It’s great to have a holiday break 🙂