Our HQ had a great idea and suggested to get the whole family going to Wira, a small midieval village north of Åkersberga.
So what can one else do as obey the instructions of HQ in case of a rainy day, and take the camera along 🙂

Wira has its yearly play of the local love story of Wira in the good old days, and we even got a backstage view of one of the key actors when he checked out his sword in the smithy while queueing up to the start of the play.

I can only say, Shakespeare would have been proud of this local adaptation of his Romeo and Julia …

Luv, passion, horses and … wonderfull sign language

If there would be only one thing I could vote for in this nice play, then it is the adaptation of sign language in it. That was just … wauwww.

Tomorrow is the last day in Wira, so if you have nothing planned … do go and have a look !

Don’t forget the handkerchief, you may need it, if you are as soapy as I am.