Cuvee S.Hark Part II

Okiez, the Cuvee S.Hark continues ….

Making short stop movies puts some light constraints and limitations on the whole, so after the initial experiment we (aka me or the & in the Birk & Kalle Productions) decided to take the short stop experiment with the Cuvee S.Hark to the next level and get the light sorted.
We are not the average strobe experts and neither have we been using lightboxes a lot, so before cashing out a lot of money in our experiment, we did what we should do in any case and googled for lightboxes.

We made our first lightbox and did an initial reshoot to evaluate the lights and allthough the overall balance is not yet what we aka me would like it to be , we are going in the good direction and yes … we will release a part II.

Maybe not tonight, but for sure the coming days 🙂

Offcourse we could consider investing in a long awaited SB 800 to take away the tungsten look and dark colors but for now we want to achieve a good looking result with DIY tools without breaking the bank and at the same time have some family fun and creativity.

Stay Tuned for Cuvee S.Hark Part II

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