Cuvee S.Hark

OK, This weekend we had another go at a short stop experiment and allthough the final result is slightly different of what we envisioned (mainly due to lightening conditions) we keep on trying the possibilities of Picasa and added an extra touch of film grain to it (which is actually looks much better in the cinema then on You Tube 🙂

The great fun factor with Picasa is that it is free, where Stop Motion Pro is costing a staggering 390 dollars.
For sure not that much and fully worth if and when we want to take this to the next level, for now I guess we need to review the lightening, before investing in software 🙂

So 3 hours of fun, 3oo stills further, and a quick pass by soundsnap we are getting on our way to make a more detailed action thrilled episode of M.I.B. …

But for now, let the shark not bite you …

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